How to bypass the memoQ activation

…and run the trial version indefinitely

How it works – short overview

  • Install some virtualization software
  • install an operating system into it, make a fresh snapshot of it
  • install your memoQ into this virtualization software
  • every 30 days, when your memoQ trial period expires, load the previously stored snapshot from the disk, change your MAC address and your HDD/SDD serial number, install memoQ again

Detailed explanation

To better understand the steps taken below, let’s explain how the copy protection of memoQ (or most other today software for that matter) actually works:

In order to provide you with a trial version and, at the same time, limit the number of days they would let you use their software for, the software manufacturers need to be able to somehow identify your computer uniquely.

This is often done by identifying 2 parameters:

1) the MAC address of your internet (WiFi/Ethernet) card and

2) serial number of your HDD/SDD

These 2 parameters are then sent to the manufacturer’s database at the time you install this software via your internet connection and stored for future use, to uniquely identify you computer.

Every time you run their software in your computer, this software will sniff your MAC/HDD/SDD data and send this data to the manufacturer’s server.

This server will then compare this data to those stored in their database and in case they match and your trial period is still valid, it will return an OK for your software to run.

On the other hand, if your trial period is over, or they don’t find your MAC/HDD in their database, it will return a Reject statement, and you software will display a message prompting you to buy their software.

Of course, the particular implementation might differ, but this is basically how the algorithm runs.

So, to run your trial version indefinitely, you need to tamper with this algorighm a bit – you need to change the MAC address and the HDD/SDD serial number. See the part below for exact steps to take.

Step by step procedure

You will need to run your copy of memoQ in a virtualized computer in order not to mess up your native system.

1. You will need these tools:

  • A virtualization software, in this case I am using the WMWare Workstation. This software should be able to make snapshots of the current state of the installed operating system. If your virtualization software cannot do this, don’t worry, you can still use this procedure, it’s just going to be slightly less comfortable.
  • the “volumeID” program to change your HDD/SSD serial number. You can download it here:

2. Open your virtualization software and install your operating system into it. Make a snapshot of this fresh installation before continuing!

3. Install your copy of memoQ into this virtualization software.

4. MemoQ should install without any problems, you can start working with it as usual

5. As soon as your 30 days evaluation copy expires, do these steps:

  • Load the previously stored snapshot created by your virtualization software from the disk
  • Change the MAC address to some value you have not used before – this can be done conveniently directly in your virtualization software, just look in its menus.
  • Run the volumeID program and change your HDD/SDD serial number to some value you have not used before
  • Restart the system in your virtualization software
  • Install memoQ
  • MemoQ should install no problem. Activate the 30 days trial period again.

This article is just a quick draft, images and video will be added soon.

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