Transferring large files with a download link

You can very easily and conveniently send large files up to 100 MB through the Bohemicus server by just dragging and dropping them onto the Bohemicus window.

Why is this useful?

This is useful when you need to send some large files to your customer, but they are too big for an email. This typically happens with files over 5 or 10 MB.

How it works

Large file transfer works as follows:

1. Open a folder with your file(s) and folders in it

2. If Bohemicus’ window is not visible on your desktop, press Ctrl+Alt+F to bring it up with the Bohemicus file transfer tab opened. This feature is especially useful when you have many windows opened on your desktop, as you can quickly bring up Bohemicus’ window without looking for it.

3. Adjust your logo (drag and drop a PNG image), your name, your website and your message.

Adjust your logo, name, website and message.

4. Drag and drop your files or folders onto the Bohemicus file transfer tab.

Drag and drop your file(s) onto the Bohemicus window

5. Bohemicus will upload these dropped files to its server, create a download link and copy this link to clipboard so that you can paste it into your email.

Bohemicus is transferring your files to the server….

6. Paste the download link into an email and send it to your customer. You customer will now be able to click the download link and download your files and folders.

Automatically zipped up!

Bohemicus file transfer feature is really neat, as you can send multiple files and folders combined – they will be automatically zipped to a ZIP archive and uploaded as a single file.

Advertising your own services/products

Also, while transferring your files, you can advertise your products or services! Bohemicus lets you upload your logo, adversiting text and a link to your website onto the download page – so when your customer opens the download page in their browser, they will be able to see all your text and logo!

The download screen in your customer’s browser after they have clicked the download link

You might want to watch this video as well:

Sending large files

Local file transfer between your office computers

In Bohemicus, you can very easily transfer files and folders between 2 or more local computers running this software behind the same WiFi router.

Let’s transfer some files…

First, a little example. Let’s transfer this bunch of files here using a virtualized computer so that you can see both screens at the same time. But of course, you can transfer files between two real machines as well. Just make sure they are in the same local area network, behind the same router.

Local file transfer

So, in the source computer, you just switch to the File Transfer tab and just drag and drop your files. As you can see, they are instantly transferred to the other machine to your specified folder, which opens automatically once the transfer is finished.

Select your target machine

Select your target machine by selecting it from the drop down list.

Select the target machine…

If there are no machines in the list, check that Bohemicus is running in your target machine and click the 3dot button to search all Bohemicus instances in the vicinity.

Scan the immediate vicinity for any Bohemicus instances.

Specify the IP addresses – mostly done automatically

How to specify the addresses of your machines so that they can connect to each other? This is mostly done automatically once you run an instance of Bohemicus. Bohemicus searches the immediate environment for any other instances of Bohemicus and sets up the IP addresses appropriately. Once your connection is setup, this IP box here turns green along with a message displayed at the bottom.

If your machines do not connect to each other…

If this does not happen, make sure both machines are connected to the same router. If they still do not connect, then enter the target IP address manually. Just open Bohemicus in your target machine and take a look at the Help tab. The local IP address is written right here. Now, you take this target IP address and enter it in your source machine. Click the arrow button in your source machine. These 2 machines should now become connected.

Check the IP address

Specify the target folder

You can also change your target folder where all your transferred files will be saved in your target machine. Just click on this 3-dots button and select a folder of your preference.

Specify the target folder

To see this feature in action, you might want to watch this video as well:

Transfering files using Bohemicus