Working with hotkeys

What are hotkeys?

Hotkeys are the heart of Bohemicus. They are simply combinations of certain keys, usually Ctrl/Alt/Shift + some standard key on your PC keyboard. You can press such hotkeys regardless of what application you are currently using, and Bohemicus will take over to perform predefined actions. Thanks to hotkeys, you can take advantage of Bohemicus’ features while working in your usual CAT tool, text processor, PowerPoint, etc.

Overview of all hotkeys

The overview of all Bohemicus’ hotkeys along with brief descriptions can be found on the Hotkeys tab. These are combinations of the Ctrl/Alt/Shift keys + a standard key.

Overview of all hotkeys on the “Hotkeys” tab

Hotkey collisions

Bohemicus’ hotkeys might collide with other software programs. For instance, your CAT tool might use a hotkey to perform a certain task, e.g. Alt+Home. Unfortunately, this hotkey is also used by Bohemicus (to make all text in a segment uppercased). In such a case, either Bohemicus or your software program will not work correctly (pressing this hotkey will not perform the requested operation). This is why you have the possibility to disable or redefine Bohemicus’ hotkeys on this tab.

Enable/disable hotkeys

Bohemicus’ hotkeys can be easily enabled or disabled simply by (un)checking the checkbox in the “Enabled” column and clicking the Save button at the bottom.

Enable/disable a hotkey just by (un)checking the corresponding checkbox
Click the Save button to save and activate your hotkeys

Redefine hotkeys

In case you have any hotkey collisions or you simply do not like the pre-defined hotkeys, you can change them here. Simple click the corresponding Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Win checkboxes and then select a key from the dropdown menu. Press the Save button to activate your newly defined hotkey(s).

Check Ctrl/Alt/Shift/Win and select a key from the dropdown menu to redefine a hotkey

Problems saving/activating the hotkeys

If you define an identical combination for 2 or more hotkeys for 2 or more different functions and press the Save button, a warning will appear at the bottom of the window:

You have defined 2 or more identical hotkeys for 2 or more functions!

This is understandable, as Bohemicus would not know which function to activate, in case an identical hotkey is defined for 2 or more functions. Please correct your hotkeys combinations. You can identify the problematic hotkey ID by the message shown in the picture above.

Restoring default hotkey settings

You can very easily restore the default hotkeys by pressing the “Reset to defaults” button.

Restore your hotkeys to their defaults

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Working with hotkeys in Bohemicus