Dear translator, we have been expecting you!

This software has been created for YOU, for translators…. by a translator who understands your needs.

Using this program, you can boost your translation productivity up to 300%, or even more with certain types of texts.

Bohemicus is a powerful translator’s tool. It integrates with your CAT tool (or any other application) to enhance its capabilities. It works as an interface. With Bohemicus, you can take advantages of these features in ANY application, e.g. MS Office, CAT tools, web-based CATs, etc.:

  • machine translation,
  • voice dictation (speech-to-text),
  • your own translation memories,
  • convenient search in online/offline dictionaries,
  • note taking,
  • and much more…

Please watch this video to see how Bohemicus can significantly improve your productivity:

Watch this video to quickly see what Bohemicus is all about

Please watch this spoken presentation on Bohemicus to learn more details:

Watch this video to learn more in-depth details on Bohemicus

1. Machine translation

With Bohemicus, you can use the Google/MyMemory machine translation engines in all CAT tools (offline tools such as Transit NXT, Across, WordFast, DejaVu, memoQ , SDL Studio as well as online tools, such as XTM, SmartCat, Coach…) as well as in any Windows application of your preferrence, such as MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, the LibreOffice Suite etc.

How it works

Bohemicus runs in the background. As soon as you press Ctrl+(Alt)+Space, it will retrieve your current segment, translate it behind the scenes, and re-insert the translated text into your current application (e.g. CAT tool).

This is how Bohemicus works: It runs next to your main application or even completely minimized in the background, constantly watching what your are doing and trying to assist you. You activate Bohemicus from your main application (e.g. a CAT tool) by pressing a hotkey. Bohemicus then retrieves your text from your main app, processes it and inserts the result back into the text.

Supported languages

The translation engine supports 100+ languages.

Productivity boost

Productivity largely depends on the type of text you are translating. For instance, when translating manuals, technical texts, EU regulations, standard legal contracts and other standard documents, machine translation can increase your productivity by at least 300%.

However, machine translation does not work well with literary fiction or with complicated syntax-intensive texts. In such a case, the productivity boost can be negligible or even counter-productive.

Analysis of productivity boost with Bohemicus

Productivity boost analysis

2. Voice dictation

Thanks to Bohemicus, you can dictate your text instead of writing it. Again, you can dictate your text into any CAT tool or into any Windows application. This is achieved through the Google voice engine, which also supports 100+ languages.

You only need to install Bohemicus in your Android phone/tablet, connect it with Windows, and start dictating!

Productivity boost

The voice dictation feature can increase your productivity by some additional 50%, depending on how fast you normally type. If you are a slow typist, this can boost your productivity by 100% or even more.

Supported languages

The speech-to-text engine also supports 100+ languages.


  1. When using the voice dictation feature, you should speak in a standard language, with good pronunciation. Speak clearly, just as you would to a foreigner.
  2. You should use a quality Android device with good sound-recording capabilities (a good microphone). A middle-class Android device should suffice. You can also connect a (Bluetooth) headset for better sound-recording performance, but it is not required.
  3. Make sure you work in a relatively calm working environment without too much noise.
This is how voice dictation in Bohemicus works: press the tilde key (~) on your PC keyboard to activate the speech-to-text-engine in your Android device (Bluetooth/WiFi activated). Your phone then listens to what you say, converts the speech into text and sends the resulting string back to your PC where it will be inserted by Windows-based Bohemicus in your target application (e.g. a CAT tool or any other Windows program)
This is the tilde key on your PC keyboard

3. Productivity functions

Productivity functions can add some additional 30% to productivity boost. This encompasses a whole host of features:

a) Use your own translation memories… anywhere!

You can connect your own translation memories and then use them interactively to look up your terms from any application you are currently using.

Simply select your term in whatever tool you are currently using and press Ctrl+Alt+K. Your term will be instantly looked up in your connected translation memories… without ever leaving your current tool!

b) Quickly look up your terms in connected offline/online dictionaries

You can connect 2 offline and 1 online dictionary to look up your terms quickly, while working in your CAT tool or in any other Windows application. Simply select your term and press Ctrl+Alt+K. Your terms will be looked up immediately.

A term looked up in Google Translate/MyMemory, in a connected online dictionary as well as in a connected offline dictionary. Just select your term, press Ctrl+Alt+K and your term will be looked up instantly …. without ever leaving your application window!

c) Clipboard Manager

Quickly insert your predefined terms from memory. You can store up to 10 strings that can be conveniently pasted with just a press of a hotkey. This is especially usefull when you have a text with lots of repeated strings, such as company/personal names, machine designations or simply words that are frequently repeated in the text.

Transparent hint black boxes with some strings stored in them. You can easily insert them into any application just by pressing the Ctrl+1….9..0 hotkey. If you want to store a new string in a hint box, just press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1…9..0. These hint boxes appear when you press the Ctrl key. But you can switch this behavior off.

d) Convenient internet search

You can simply select your term and press Ctrl+Alt+G to google it. You don’t need to leave your current application window at all – your term will be looked up in the background and results shown in a Bohemicus’ window.

“water scale deposits” googled in Bohemicus. Simply select the term you want to research and press Ctrl+Alt+G. Your term will instantly be looked up on Google in the Bohemicus web browser. Again, without ever leaving your application window!

e) Other productivity-improving functions

There are many other productivity-improving functions at your disposal:

  • metric/imperial units conversion
  • note-taking
  • non-breakable space insertion
  • typographically correct quotation marks
  • current date insertion
  • file transfer between your office computers
  • quick-open folders to quickly access your predefined folders
  • snipping tool to make screenshots
  • very handy text editing features (especially lowercase/uppercase changes, inserting special U.S./U.K. characters, dashes and hyphens…)
Metric/imperial unit conversion settings

Please see the Help page for a detailed description of all features

Data protection and ethics

Please note that when using the machine translation and voice dictation features, your data are sent to Google servers for analysis, translation and conversion.

Please read these documents to find out how Google protects your privacy:

The story of Lenka: how she became a translator and discovered Bohemicus

Lenka from the Czech Republic

I am actually a qualified Economist, having worked at various companies at various positions. So, I would never have thought about becoming a translator! But then, when on vacation, I met Jan, a translator from the Czech Republic. At that time, I was working in a rather menial position at a multinational food company in Prague. I was not really enjoying the job, and I was only working there for the money.

Jan told me about the translation business and suggested I could actually work as a translator too. Well, it is true that I am pretty fluent in German and English. We had really good courses at VŠE (the Prague University of Economics and Business). But I was rather nervous – I didn’t know anything about the translation industry.

But Jan said: “Don’t worry, my girl. The main thing is that you know the languages well and that you are intelligent enough to understand the written text. The rest is just a technicality. You are an Economist, so let’s focus on financial texts. That will be your domain, your speciality, that’s something you have the potential to excel at.”

And I did as he said. He explained everything to me about the translation industry, how it works. He told me about CAT tools, how to use them, what “translation memory”, “concordance search”, “segment”, and “CAT grid” are… He told me how to deal with translation agencies, what rate I should ask per word, how to find good customers, how to spot a fraudulent agency or a non-payer….

And one day, he told me about Bohemicus too. And that changed everything.

I quickly understood that this was a deal breaker. No more tedious, slow manual translations. With the automation and productivity-improving features of Bohemicus, I was able to work so much more productively! I actually increased my productivity 3×! And of course, this goes without saying: 3× more productive = 3× more money.

Since then, I have firmly established myself as a translator. And I am actually enjoying this profession very much: I can work from home, with practically no stress… and thanks to Bohemicus, I can make enough money and save enough time to enjoy my hobbies to the fullest: oboe and choir singing!


Valery, Russian Federation, English–Russian translator

Valery from Russia

The voice dictation feature is pretty cool…. It works very well with the Russian language. I know it’s actually the Google speech-to-text engine, which I also use in my Android phone to perform various daily tasks. It works reliably, even when there is some noise coming from the street, which I really appreciate, as my previous speech recognition software only worked in almost absolute silence.

Patricia, Germany, Spanish/English–German translator

Patricia from Germany

It’s a small piece of software but I cannot actually imagine my daily translation work without it anymore! How could I ever have worked without it?!

The Bohemicus Clipboard Manager feature is just addictive, saves lots of repetitive work. Also, we use a different set of quotation marks in German so it’s really good that Bohemicus can transform them automatically.

The unit conversion feature – very useful! At last, I don’t have to convert everything with Google search when translating spare parts lists! And of course, the machine translation and voice dictation, that’s a real cracker!

István, Hungary, English–Hungarian translator

István from Hungary

I come from Eastern Europe, so translation is a relatively low-paid occupation here. This is why the productivity-improving nature of Bohemicus is so important to me! I can make a decent income even when the price per word is relatively low. I understand the only way out is to translate high volumes…. but with Bohemicus, it’s a piece of cake.

Xiangdong, English–Chinese translator

Xiangdong from China

Bohemicus is a real blessing! In China, freelance translators get paid just peanuts for translation work. But thanks to Bohemicus, I can do the work I enjoy and earn enough money to have a decent life. I cannot recommend this software enough to every translator.

User support

If you have any questions or problems installing/running Bohemicus, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

Write an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Money-back guarantee

1) You can try this software for 14 days free of charge.

2) If you decide to buy it, you can purchase this program using PayPal, i.e. you will get a refund of your money, in the event of not receiving your activation code. This process is managed by PayPal, we do not have any influence over it.

3) In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. After you purchase this software, you will have an additional 30 days to try it out. In the event that you are not satisfied, please send an email to:

and state your name and your Bohemicus activation code in the header of your email.

You will be fully reimbursed, no questions asked!


ItemPrice EURDescription
Bohemicus39.00One-time payment, lifelong license

Bohemicus is a must-have tool for every professional translator!