Working with local offline dictionaries

While working with Bohemicus, you can plug-in 2 local offline dictionaries. This can be very useful, because you can look up your terms just by pressing a hotkey combination (Ctrl+Alt+K), without ever leaving your application window. You stay in your current application (e.g. a CAT tool), while Bohemicus displays all results in a separate window. Much more convenient than just copying your term to clipboard, switching windows and pasting it to your dictionary, right?

How to look up a term in an offline dictionary – example

Example: Let’s say you want to look up the term “cord” in your offline dictionaries. So, while in your CAT, or in actually just about any other application, just press Ctrl+Alt+ K. Your term will be instantly looked up in your dictionaries as well as in Bohemicus’ translation memories and in your predefined online dictionary:

Look up your term by selecting it in your CAT tool and pressing Ctrl+Alt+K
You can use this feature in ANY application. e.g. in a web browser

These can be your preffered offline applications, it can be a bilingual dictionary or actually any database application where you would like to look up your terms.

The only condition is that your dictionary software must be able to receive the paste-in command, that means when you press the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut. Ideally, such application should display all results immediately upon pasting the searched term. i.e. without pressing the Enter key.

How to plug-in offline dictionaries

Plugging-in such offline application is easy. Just open your dictionary application, click on its title bar to bring it to the forefront, and press Alt+Shift+F1 or, respectively, Alt+Shift+F2 – that depends on whether you want to have your application connected as dictionary #1 or as dictionary #2. You can see your connected dictionary application on the Language&Settings tab.

Your offline dictionary is now successfully connected to Bohemicus

And that’s it! You can now just press the Ctrl+Alt+K hotkey and your term will be instantly searched for in your dictionaries. You don’t need to leave your application window at all.

Ideally, you would use this feature on a large screen or, even better, on 2 displays so that the Bohemicus’ window and also your offline dictionaries always stay unobstructed, clearly visible on the screen. In such a case, you don’t need to leave your application window to search your terms; just move your eyes and review the results displayed in Bohemicus and in your offline dictionaries.

Yet another small thing to make you more productive!

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Working with offline local dictionaries in Bohemicus

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