The Ctrl+Alt+Space shortcut and why you should definetely use it

The raison d’etre

The Ctrl+Alt+Space shortcut was originally conceived to deal with the formatting tags in SDL Studio, memoQ, Wordfast, XTM etc. That’s because Bohemicus cannot, at least for now, work with the formating tags and it will remove them when using the machine translation feature.

The basic idea

The basic idea of this shortcut: select the portion of text between these formating tags and press Ctrl+Alt+Space to translate such text. In this way, the formating tags will be preserved.

Online CAT tools

You can also take advantage of this keyboard shortcut when working with online CAT tools (SmartCat, Wordfast Anywhere, etc.) that are not 100% compatible with Bohemicus.

You can use this function in this way:

Copy all text from the source segment into the target segment (usually the Ctrl/Alt+Insert keyboard shortcut, but can be different – please check your CAT settings), select all text in the target segment (usually Ctrl+A), press Ctrl+Alt+Space. The selected portion of text (i.e. all text, because you have selected all text) will be translated.

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