Convert the Imperial units to the metric system and vice versa

Here is a video presentation of the Bohemicus Imperial/metric unit conversin feature:

The advantage of the metric system and why the U.S. refuse to accept it

Imperial units, or metric units from the U.S. perspective, can be a hassle.
Well, the metric system is very easily scalable, converting its units by just moving the decimal point. That’s probably why the majority of the world have accepted it. Because it’s easy to use and understand.
But the U.S., Liberia and Myanmar still insist on their Imperial system. We can only believe it’s because they are so used to it that they refuse any change…. even if such change would be so beneficial to them. It would probably be too costly to implement for them… and their polititians might not want to upset their electorate.
But well, that is the state of affairs in the world and it would be futile if we tried to oppose it. After all, we are just translators, we don’t try to change the world, we adapt. Because anyone who does not, will be run over.

Convert Imperial units to metric manually…or use an automated solution

If there are just one or two instances, you can easily convert them to the metric system using Google. But it can be a substantial hassle if you are translating a list of spare parts, with hundreds of parts… all quoted in inches and pounds. For this, you are going to need something more powerful. Something that could convert the units with just a press of a hotkey.

Bohemicus converts Imperial/metric units automatically

Bohemicus offers exactly this kind of a feature. You can simply select a number and then press a dedicated hotkey to convert it to basically whatever you want. And isn’t that just hillarious?!
To make things even more convenient, you have 3 options options available at the same time. So for instance you can store the miles/km conversion under the Ctrl+Alt+F6 hotkey, the feet/cm under the Ctrl+Alt+F7 and finally the Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion under the Ctrl+Alt+F8 hotkey.
And this is how you converts your Imperial/metric units easily and efficiently – Bohemicus is a solution for a professional translator.

Now, If you are looking for a quick one-time simple solution, you can try these conversion factors:

Convert inches to cm

Multiply inches by 2.54

Convert feet to cm

Multiply feet by 30.48

Convert feet to m

Multiply feet by 0.3048

Convert miles to km

Multiply miles by 1.609

Convert pounds to kg

Multiply pounds by 0.45

Convert degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius

Subtract 32 and divide the resulting value by 1.8

And the other way around, from metric to Imperial units:

Convert cm to inches

Multiply cm by 0.3937

Convert cm to feet

Multiply cm by 0.0328

Convert m to feet

Multiply m by 3.28

Convert km to miles

Multiply km by 0.62

Convert kg to pounds

Multiply kg by 2.2

Convert degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit

Multiply Celsius by 1.8 and add 32

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