How to increase translation speed and productivity: machine translation

Machine translation can greatly increase your translation speed, there’s no doubt about it. Especially if your language pair contains English. This alone can increase your translation productivity by at least 300 %.

This of course translates into money as well. And we all want to make more, right?

How to set up machine translation in Bohemicus

Setting up machine translation in Bohemicus is very easy: you basically have 2 options, Google and MyMemory.

Setting up the Google Translation API service

Let’s start with Google: go to the Language and Settings tab and enter your Google API key.

Yes, you will need this key to obtrain machine translation from Google. This is a paid service but as long as you use it for your personal translation work only (meaning you don’t share it with your coworkers in a translation team), you won’t pay a penny, because they set up a limit of EUR 10 per month. And this, in my experience, is fairly enough to cover my monthly translation volumes. But unfortunately, you will still need this Google key for the machine translation feature to work.

But don’t worry – it is very easy to obtain such a key from Google. You basically need to sign up to their Translation API service and ask for this key. Please watch the video below on how to proceed:

Once you have this key, please enter it on the Language and Settings tab into the appropriate box (Google API key).

And that’s it! You are now ready to start using the Google translation API service.

I can only recommend this service, as it is probably the best you can get on the market. It has made me tons of money already, because I was able to handle translation jobs that would normally take me 3 times more time.

How to use machine translation in Bohemicus to boost your productivity

Using machine translation in Bohemicus is very easy: just open a translation segment in your CAT tool and press Ctrl+Space. Bohemicus will capture this command in the background, translate your segment behind the scenes and re-insert the target translation into your CAT target segment.

This works very well in supported CAT tools: SDL Studio, memoQ, DejaVu, WordFast, Across and partly also in Transit NXT.

In other tools, especially online tools, such as XTM or Coach, the procedure is slightly more complicated, but nothing you should be worried about: just open your segment, copy all source text into the target segment (usually the Ctrl/Alt+Insert keyboard shortcut), select all text in the target segment (usually Ctrl+A) and press Ctrl+Alt+Space to translate the text into your target language. Simple as that.

Also, this Ctrl+Alt+Space command can be very conveniently used to translate selected text only. You want to translate just those 3 words in the middle of your sentence? No problem! Just select them and press Ctrl+Alt+Space. Your selected text will be instantly translated into your target language.

Please watch this video on how to work with the Google machine translation service:

The MyMemory machine translation service

The other machine translation option is the MyMemory service, which is selected by default. You don’t need any key for that, it is ready to use out of the box.

The only limitation is 1000 words per day. But don’t worry! If you need to use more, just enter your email address into the corresponding box. This will extend your quota to 10,000 words per day, which is pretty much enough for a single freelance translator.

MyMemory is interesting, because it often delivers identical results to the Google service, but those can differ at times.

Please watch this video on the MyMemory machine translation service:

Make more money and save time!

So if you want to make much more money and greatly save your time, use this machine translation feature as offered by Bohemicus!

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