Working with online dictionaries

You can use Bohemicus to interactively search in online dictionaries.

How it works

First, a little example. Let’s say you are working in memoQ and you would like to look a term. You can simply select your term, press Ctrl+Alt+K and it gets intantly looked up in a defined online dictionary.

Predefined dictionaries

If you dont like the Google Translate dictionary, there are already some predefined online dictionaries in Bohemicus, mostly dealing with English plus some other major language, such as German, French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese. You can simply choose the most appropriate one by clicking an item in the corresponding list.

Other language combinations

But chances are you will need some other language combination. In such a case, you need to enter it manually. You need to enter the appropriate web address into the appropriate textbox.

Say, you want to translate from English into Czech and use the Lingea Czech online dictionaries. Well, just paste the corresponding base web address of this webportal into the URL field.

And that’s it! You can start using it now. As soon as you select a term and press Ctrl+Alt+K, the translation instantly appears in Bohemicus.

How to connect an online dictionary

Now, the obvious question is: How to specify the web portal address?

That’s very simple. Just look up several terms in your online dictionary and observe the URL address bar. Pay attention to the base address, i.e. the part of URL that never changes no matter what term you are looking for.

As soon as you identify the part or URL that never changes, select it, copy it to clipboard and switch to the Concordance tab. Paste this base address into the address list. Press the Save button to save your preferences.

And that’s it! You are now prepared to use your preffered online dictionary while working in your favorite CAT tool.

Remove an online dictionary from the list

If you want to remove a certain item from the list of online dictionaries, then just select it … and press the button with a red cross on it. A confirmation dialog appears, click Yes and remove it.

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