Text editing features

Bohemicus offers a bunch of text editing features that can be really handy.

It is surprising to see that those actually very important text editing features are missing both in Windows as well as in the prevailing CAT tools.

Uppercase and lowercase

For instance, if you want to make all text uppercase – you can press Shift+F3 in MS Word or in SDL Studio, but in only works in selected applications, not across the whole system.

So if you try to press this combo in some other CAT tool, it will not work. Also, pressing Shift+F3 does not make all text uppercase, it just makes the 1st letter uppercase. If you want all text uppercase, you need to press it again. Not very practical – I just want one single press of a hotkey to make ALL text UPPERCASE!

The Bohemicus solution

And this is where Bohemicus comes in. Yes, there is a single hotkey combo to make all text uppercase: just press Alt+Home to instantly make all text in a segment uppercase. Or press Ctrl+Alt+Home to make just the selected portion of text uppercase.

Same with the lowercase option: Press Alt+End to make all text in a segment lowercase, or Ctrl+Alt+End to make just the selected portion of text lowercase.

Next, you can also make only the first letter uppercase or lowecase – just press Ctrl+Alt+PageUp or PageDown.

This is very much unlike the MS Word/SDL Studio Shift+F3 shortcut, which makes All First Letters In All Words Uppercase…. which is often not very useful.

The multiplier sign (×)

Then, you can insert the typographically correct multiplier sign. That means, you don’t need to use just the „x“, but you can easily insert the correct sign (×) by pressing Ctrl+* on your numpad.

The German ß

Same with the German sharp S…. this can be really handy if you don’t use a German keyboard, but you ocassionaly do write German texts. Just press Ctrl+Alt+S.

Special UK/U.S. characters

Also, there are those English signs, such as the percent sign %,&, the @ sign, $ and so on. They are very easy to write on an U.S./UK keyboard, but not so much for instance on a Czech one.

With Bohemicus, you can very easily insert them by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+1…9 and 0 keys.

Special Czech/Slovak characters

Also, if you work with Czech and possibly Slovak, you can very easily insert special characters, such as ó, ň, ť and ď by pressing Ctrl+Shift + o, n, t and d.

The inconvenience with the hyphen

And last but not least. There is this inconvenience with the hyphen. With a typographically correct hyphen and dash. You know, hyphen is pretty much shorter. This is the hyphen: “-” … while a dash is a little bit longer: “–”

And unfortunately, for instance in Czech, we mostly use the dash, not hyphen…. but you can only write a hyphen on a Czech keyboard.

So, Bohemicus can replace the hyphen with a dash on the fly. So, if you want to have your hyphen “-” replaced on the fly with “–”, just press Shift + your hyphen key. And Bohemicus will replace your hyphen with a typographically correct dash. Now, if you want to write an underscore, you just press Ctrl + your hyphen key: “_”

The semicolon and the apostroph

The semicolon and the apostroph are very easy to write on a U.S. or UK keyboard, but can be an annoying bother on other national keyboards. This is why you can very easily type them just by pressing Ctrl+Shift + the semicolon key and Ctrl+ the apostrophe key, i.e. the semicolon and apostrophe key as found on a typical U.S./UK keyboard.

The quotation marks

You can press Shift + the quotation mark key on your keyboard to insert your national typographically correct quotation marks. Such quoatation marks can be defined as per your needs on the Language&Settings tab. Please read the dedicated blogpost on how to easily define your own quotation marks.

If you wish to insert the original U.S. quotation marks, just press Ctrl+ the quotation mark key.

You might also want to watch this video:

Text-editing features in Bohemicus
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