Quotation marks

Quotation marks can be a hassle

Different languages use different quotation marks. The Americans/British use “”, we Czechs use „ “, the French « », etc.

Well, during the translation process, this can be a real hassle, especially when your target and source langauage use a different set of quotation marks.

On top of that, things can get even more annyoing: For instance in my native language, Czech, we use the opening and closing quote… one is at the bottom, the other at the top: „ “. But for some mysterious reason, you can only write the U.S. standard quotation marks on our standard Czech keyboard.

How to get the quotation marks right

So, ridiculously enough, if you want to get the Czech quotation marks typographically correct, you would just need to copy paste them from MS Word or from a web source.

This is tolerable if you just have one or two pairs of quotation marks in your document, but can be hugely annoying when your document is full of them.

The Bohemicus solution

Well, again, Bohemicus is here to help you. It will replace your quotation marks on the fly. You just need to set it up a little bit.

For this, go to the Language&Settings tab and put the correct quotation mark(s) in the opening and closing textbox. You can insert anything you want to reflect your national typography, e.g. ” „ “ ’ « » etc.

Specify your quotation marks

And that’s it. You can now switch to some other program, such as Notepad, and try to write something with quotation marks. As you can observe, your pre-defined quotation marks will be inserted into text instead of those default quotes.

Works like a charm!

Please watch this video to see this feature in action:

Bohemicus’ quotation marks feature in action!

If you want to insert the original U.S. quotation marks you would normally type on your keyboard, just press Ctrl+your quotation mark key.

Replace the quotation marks in the whole CAT segment at once

Also, you can change the quotation marks in an existing text by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Q key. This is especially useful when working in a CAT tool: just press this keyboard combo and your quotation marks will be instantly replaced by your pre-defined quotes in the opened segment.

Make the Google translate service use the correct quotation marks for your language

Moreover, you can also specify quotation marks for the machine translation feature. Sometimes, Google machine translation service can replace the quotation marks correctly, sometimes not. So, you can specify this machine feature to replace quotation marks correctly every time.

Again, it is the Language&Settings tab. Just check the “Alternate quotes with…” checkbox. In the corresponding box, you can specify which quotation marks should always be replaced by your selected pair of quotes. Insert your quotes and separate them with a comma with no spaces.

Specify which quotation marks should be ALWAYS replaced when machine translating some text

Yet another thing to make your life easier and speed up your translation process!

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