How to google in Bohemicus

We have all been there: you need to google someting, so normally you would just select your term in your CAT, copy it to clipboard, then switch to a webbrowser, google it, and then switch back to your CAT to continue your work… And after a while, all this copying and window switching might just get a bit tedious.

How can Bohemicus help you google faster

Well, Bohemicus can help you out with this.

You can very easily google your terms while working in a CAT tool or in a word-processing application or actually in any other software program.

Imagine you encounter a term you don’t recognize. You are not really sure how to translate it and you need to google it to get some more context. Or you might want to see an image of such a term to understand and translate it better.

A simple hotkey combo to google anything you need

Now, googling is very simple. Just select your term in whatever word-processing or CAT application you are using and press Ctrl+Alt+G.

As you can see, your term will get instantly googled in the Bohemicus webbrowser.

The „hedonism“ term looked up from MS Word on Google by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+G keyboard combo

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Convenient googling with Bohemicus

Google search with Google Chrome

Sometimes, Google might start doing troubles – it thinks that you are a robot, and displays the following prompt:

“I am not a robot” Google Search prompt

This is very inconvenient, as it effectively renders all searching useless.

If this happens frequently, you can redirect all your searches to a genuine instance of Google Chrome. Of course, this only works when Google Chrome is installed on your system. Unfortunately, Google does troubles with other browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Edge…. so Google Chrome is the only option to get rid of the above prompt.

If Google Chrome is installed on your system, you can check the “Use Google Chrome for googling” option on “Language&Settings” tab:

Activating Google Chrome for googling

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Googling with Google Chrome

Internet search with other search engines

If you prefer other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, Seznam, Yandex, etc., you can set it up on the “Webbrowser” tab, in the “Engine” section:

Set your preferred search engine on the “Webbrowser” tab, in the “Engine” section

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Internet search with different search engines

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