Non-breakable spaces

What are they good for?

Non-breakable spaces are an important text element in case you want to keep 2 words always together, on one line. That means, they will always stay on one line no matter how you format your webpage or a PDF document.

These are usually numbers along with some metric or imperial unit. But those can also be articles or prepositions.

A non-breakable space

For instance, in Czech, we use a number of single letter prepositions, so we usually want them to stay together with the word they precede, we do not want them to break off at the end of a line.

How to insert non-breakable spaces in Bohemicus

With Bohemicus, non-breakable spaces can be inserted very easily. Just press the Ctrl+Shift+Space combo… and your non-breakable space will be inserted into whatever program you are currently using. This can be a CAT tool, Word, PowerPoint, POEdit, whatever program you might imagine.

Non-breakable spaces settings in Bohemicus – specify which letters/numbers/words should always be followed by a non-breakable space

Does it actually make any sense to use Bohemicus for this?

Of course, the majority of modern CAT tools can insert non-breakable spaces themselves, but still, this nice feature comes handy in those obscure CATs, online tools or other programs and utility tools that do not support non-breakable spaces in any way.

Non-breakable spaces and the machine translation functionality

Also, you might want to have your non-breakable spaces inserted automatically everytime you use the machine translation feature, as neither Google Translate API nor e.g. MyMemory can insert them automatically.

For this, please go to the Language&Settings tab and specify which words would you like to have a non-breakable space inserted after. As already mentioned, these can be numbers, prepositions, articles… you can specify them in the corresponding textbox. Please separate them with a comma, do not use any spaces.

Also, you can watch this video to see this feature in action in Bohemicus:

Non-breakable spaces with Bohemicus

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