Taking notes in Bohemicus

Why do translators and writers take notes

Note taking is an important task for all translators or writers. You might stumble upon a term that you don’t really know how to translate right now. You might decide to change certain terms in your document later in your workflow. Or you might have any other valid reason to make a note of something. And that’s when Bohemicus’ note taking feature comes in.

Available software solutions

Of course, there are a great many of options of how to make notes in Windows. Ranging from the ultrasimple notepad, through sticky notes to sophisticated applications such as Evernote. But to say the truth, I have always found the other solutions kind of cumbersome. I wanted someting that would be directly connected to the CAT tool I am currently using, with all the notes being made in my own note-taking app by just pressing a hotkey. And that’s exactly what I built.

Sticky notes in Windows

Taking notes in Bohemicus

To make a note of something in Bohemicus, you can just select the portion of text you would like to save as a note from your current app (e.g. a CAT tool) and press Control+Alt+Shift+N. Your text will be transferred to the Bohemicus’ note taking tab. Yes, this is a bit clumsy keyboard shortcut, but it is designed in such a way so it does not not collide with other applications, notably Evernote for instance. And if you don’t like this shortcut, you can always change it on the Hotkeys tab.

Taking notes from Across to Bohemicus

Making adjustments and saving notes

On your note tab, you can make adjustments as needed – add some text, make it bold or underlined or change the background color of your notes. Once you are done, just klick the Save button or press Ctrl+S to save your notes. Or just leave saving to Bohemicus – your notes are automatically saved every minute.

Available note tabs

You have 5 tabs available for your notes. By double clicking a tab, you can
also change its name, which might be useful if you wish to further differentiate between your tabs.

Rename a note tab…

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Taking notes in Bohemicus

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