Connecting Bluetooth

Now, let’s see how to connect your Android phone to your Windows and then to Bohemicus.

Enabling Bluetooth

To enable Bluetooth in your mobile phone, please go you your Android mobile phone Settings and tap Connections and then Bluetooth. Your available Bluetooth devices will be listed there.

Enable Bluetooth

Pairing with Windows 7/8/10…

Now, just tap on your Windows-based computer in order to pair it with your mobile phone. Confirm the Bluetooth pairing request. Your mobile phone will initiate pairing.

Choose a computer to pair your Android phone/tablet with

Now, in Windows, just confirm the pairing message:

Pair your Android phone with Windows 7/8/10

Your Android device should now be paired with Windows.

Connecting Android to Windows 7/8/10

To connect Bohemicus to your Android device, just run Bohemicus app in your Android device and also in Windows. They will connect automatically, which is indicated in your Android device by the „connected“ message.

Bluetooth connection successfully established

Bluetooth hardware prerequisities

In order to use the speech-to-text feature, you will need a Bluetooth interface/adapter for your Windows-based computer. This is generally not a problem if you work with a laptop, as they are usually all equipped with a Bluetooth adapter nowadays…. but can be a minor inconvenience when working with classic desktop computers.

External Bluetooth adapter

In case your desktop is not equipped with a Bluetooth adapter, then just go for instance to Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba or you local electronics portal and order an external one. It only costs some 20 eur and it’s money well spent.

You might also want to watch this video:

Connecting an Android phone to Windows 7/8/10

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