Troubleshooting Bluetooth

Why you should use Bluetooth

Bluetooth is the preferred way of connecting Bohemicus both in Windows and in Android. It is more realible and quicker than the WiFi option.

But sometimes, there can be problems – your Android device might not connect to Windows or your Android might not even pair with Windows.


This is how you troubleshoot the potential problems:

1) check if Bluetooth is enabled both in Windows and in Android. If not, turn it on.

2) Also, reset both Windows and Android and then re-launch Bohemicus both in Windows and in Android. Also make sure there are no other Bluetooth devices near your PC that could potentially interfere with your Android.

3) If it does not help, then check if your Windows is up to date – download and install updates if necessary.

4) You can also check your Windows Bluetooth driver – update or reinstall it.

5) If this still does not help, then please unpair all paired devices in your Bluetooth and pair your Android with Windows again.

6) As the last option, you can purchase an external Bluetooth adapter (costs 10-20 eur) and connect your Android through it.

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Troubleshooting Bluetooth connection…

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