Metric/imperial unit conversions

Converting metric/imperial units is very easy with Bohemicus. You can set up 3 hotkeys to perform 3 types of conversions. These hotkeys are: Ctrl+Alt+F6/F7/F8.

Select your metric/imperial unit pair

You have inches, feets, miles, pounds, Fahrenheits, and gallons at your disposal and you can convert them into their metric equivalents. Or vice versa, that si completely up to you.

Select your metric/imperial unit pairs

You can store each metric/imperial unit combination under one of those 3 hotkeys. Go to the Language&Settings tab and set up your conversions.

Add metric/imperial designation automatically

Additionally, you can specify whether you want to have a unit designation added to the converted value after it has been converted. So, if you are e.g. converting from miles to kilometers, Bohemicus can add “km” to your converted value, if you wish so.

Round the numbers up!

You can also specify, whether you want to round up your resulting values. So, if you are converting 1.5 miles into kilometers, you can specify that you are happy with just e.g. 1 decimal. So, 1.5 miles would be written as 2,4 km…. NOT as 2,414016 km…. as the case would be without any decimal limitation.

Happy converting!

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Converting metric/imperial units with Bohemicus

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