Connecting an Android phone through WiFi

If you want to use the speech-to-text feature, you can connect your Android phone/tablet also through WiFi. This might be useful in case you are having any problems establishing a Bluetooth connection. This is, however, a provisory solution only, as WiFi connection tends to cause annoying lags of up to 3 seconds or even more.

How to connect your Android device through WiFi

To connect your Android phone/tablet through WiFi, simply choose the WiFi radio button on the Language&Settings tab. Make sure both your computer and your Android device are connected to Wi-Fi behind the same Wi-Fi router.

Choose the WiFi option on the Language&Settings tab

Then, restart Bohemicus both in Windows as well as in your Android phone/tablet. Once restarted, they should connect to each other automatically. Should this not be the case, click the “Search Android dvc” button.

Click the “Search Android dvc” button

Should they still not connect to each other, view the Android screen and make notice of the IP address at the top of the Android screen.

The IP address at the top of the Android Bohemicus’ screen, enter this IP address into the corresponding textbox in Windows

Enter this IP address into the corresponding textbox in the Windows version of Bohemicus.

Enter the IP Android device address manually

Working with the speech-to-text feature

Now, press the tilde key on your PC keyboard. You should hear a ding sound from your phone when the listening feature in your Android device is activated. Start dictating your text. Press the tilde key again to stop listening. Your speech should now be converted to text and sent to your target application, such as a CAT tool.

The tilde key on your PC keyboard

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