Transferring large files with a download link

You can very easily and conveniently send large files up to 100 MB through the Bohemicus server by just dragging and dropping them onto the Bohemicus window.

Why is this useful?

This is useful when you need to send some large files to your customer, but they are too big for an email. This typically happens with files over 5 or 10 MB.

How it works

Large file transfer works as follows:

1. Open a folder with your file(s) and folders in it

2. If Bohemicus’ window is not visible on your desktop, press Ctrl+Alt+F to bring it up with the Bohemicus file transfer tab opened. This feature is especially useful when you have many windows opened on your desktop, as you can quickly bring up Bohemicus’ window without looking for it.

3. Adjust your logo (drag and drop a PNG image), your name, your website and your message.

Adjust your logo, name, website and message.

4. Drag and drop your files or folders onto the Bohemicus file transfer tab.

Drag and drop your file(s) onto the Bohemicus window

5. Bohemicus will upload these dropped files to its server, create a download link and copy this link to clipboard so that you can paste it into your email.

Bohemicus is transferring your files to the server….

6. Paste the download link into an email and send it to your customer. You customer will now be able to click the download link and download your files and folders.

Automatically zipped up!

Bohemicus file transfer feature is really neat, as you can send multiple files and folders combined – they will be automatically zipped to a ZIP archive and uploaded as a single file.

Advertising your own services/products

Also, while transferring your files, you can advertise your products or services! Bohemicus lets you upload your logo, adversiting text and a link to your website onto the download page – so when your customer opens the download page in their browser, they will be able to see all your text and logo!

The download screen in your customer’s browser after they have clicked the download link

You might want to watch this video as well:

Sending large files

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