Rename file extensions easily!

Why is file extension rename useful?

You can very easily rename a file extension. This comes especially handy when you receive e.g. a corrupted SDL Studio package and you need to unzip it, extract the contained source and target files and the TM, and to create a new project with these files.

Yes, an SDL Studio package is basically a ZIP file with an SDLPPX file extension. So if you need to extract it outside the SDL Studio, you can just change the file extension to ZIP and extract it with Windows Explorer or in TotalCommander, etc.

Annoyingly uncomfortable in Windows 7/8/10

This is a very easy task…. but annoyingly uncomfortable to do in Windows 7/8/10. You would need to go to the Folder Settings and unhide the file extensions…. which can be really annoying if you do it just once a while and of course, in the meantime, you forget where exactly are these settings located.

A simple solution

But this is no hassle with Bohemicus. Simply click your file with your right mouse button and select the “Rename File Extension” option from the context menu. Your can rename the file extension or even the file itselft if you choose so.

Rename a file extension just by clicking the right mouse button…
… and enter your new file name including its extension.

And done! Yet another little thing to make your life easier 🙂

See this feature in action here:

Rename file extensions easily!

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