The top 10 features of Bohemicus I use every day

These are the 10 features of Bohemicus I use every day.

You can watch this video to see them in action:

1. Machine Translation

Machine translation can be used everywhere by just pressing a hotkey – Ctrl+Space to translate the whole segment in your CAT tool or Ctrl+Alt+Space to translate just the selected portion of text (this is especially useful in online CAT tools or in text-editor applications such as MS Word).

What I like about this: It works in 100+ languages, it is instantaneous (I don’t need to look for any options how to set it up in a CAT tool), it does NOT leave any traces, such as the AT/MT machine translation marks.

2. Speech-to-text

The speech-to-text (voice dictation) can be used in 100+ languages thanks to the Google speech-to-text engine in your Android phone. Please connect your Android phone, run Bohemicus both in your Android as well as in MS Windows, and start using the speech-to-text functionality to greatly improve your effectivity.

What I like about this: It works everywhere, in any CAT tools or text-editing applicaiton. The speech-to-text engine is very reliable and also works in noisy work environments.

3. Fast and convenient search in online/offline dictionaries and translations memories

Just select your term in whatever CAT tool you are currently working, and press Ctrl+Alt+K to quickly look it up in your connected offline/online dictionaries and translation memories.

What I like about this: The look-up process is fully automatic, Bohemicus will show all relevant windows on the screen without any need to leave your current CAT tool.

4. Fast and convenient googling

This works very much like the previous feature: just select your term and press Ctrl+Alt+G to search it with your preferred search engine.

What I like about this: It is fully automatic, Bohemicus will show the browser window with all the results looked up without you ever leaving your CAT tool.

5. Note taking

Select your term/sentence you would like to make a note of in your CAT tool and just press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N to transfer the selected text into the Bohemicus note-taking tab.

What I like about this: It is very fast, can be done without too much clicking, and most importantly: I can create a whole block of notes that can be easily searched through, sent by email, edited etc.

6. Large files transfer

You can conveniently transfer large files of up to 100 MB with the large-files-transfer feature of Bohemicus. Simply right click your file and select “Send through the Bohemicus server” option. Your file will be instantly transferred to the Bohemicus server and a link to this file will be copied to clipboard.

You can then paste this link into an email and send it to your partner. Your partner can in turn click this link and download your file.

Why I like it: It’s slightly faster and more convenient than the competitors’ solutions, and you can add your own logo to the download screen.

7. Unit conversion

Unit conversion between the imperial and metric system has never been easier! Just select the value + its unit in the text and press Ctrl+Alt+F6/F7/F8 to convert it to your predefined units. You can set up to how many decimals you wish to round up the resulting value.

What I like about this: It’s very fast and easy, especially useful in long list of values that need to be converted between the imperial and metric system.

8. Quotation marks

You can very conveniently convert the default quotation marks into typographically correct quotation marks for your language on the fly.

What I like about this: You can set it up once and forget about it. Simply continue working in your CAT tool or in a text-editing aplication, pressing the quotation mark key on your keyboard any time you need. Bohemicus will always convert the marks to your typografically correct version on the fly. If you need to insert the U.S. qotation marks again, just press the Ctrl+Quotation mark key.

9. Clipboard manager

This is an immensely powerful feature: simply store frequently repeating strings into memory (up to 10 memory banks) and re-insert them from memory every time you need them, simply pasting them into your text.

What I like about this: I can easily see which string is stored where by just pressing the Ctrl key. I can also very easily store any string I choose by just pressing a hotkey combo (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1…9,0), and then paste it into my text by pressing Ctrl+1…9,0.

10. Changing between uppercase and lowercase

You can very simply and quickly change just the FIRST letter in your segment to uppercase/lowecase, or change everyting to uppercase/lowercase by just pressing ONE keyboard combo.

What I like about this: It’s fast and convenient, works everywhere.

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