Changing the language code of your SDL translation memory

This post can especially be useful to users of older SDL Studio versions. If you are using newer versions of SDL Studio, simply select the “Any TM” option from your list of translation memories.

There might be occasions when you need to change your SDL translation memory language code. Example: You are working on an U.S. English-based project, but your translation memory is in British English.

Normally, the SDL Studio will prevent you from using such a translation memory, saying that your project does not support it. This can be really unpleasant, as you are translating FROM English into your respective language, so you don’t really care if the flavor of English is American or British.

Bohemicus allows you to simply change the language code by right clicking your SDLTM memory file and choosing the “Change SDLTM Properties“. Then simply select your language and click “Change“.

You can also watch this feature in action here:

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