Keeping track of translation jobs

This has happened a couple of times to me: I just forgot to do a job! This usually happens to me with very small tasks and it’s certainly very unpleasant, both for me as well as for my clients. And I usually end up delivering such tasks free of charge, because I simply want to keep good business relationships with my clients.

To prevent this from happening, I created a feature that helps me to keep track of all scheduled jobs.

Adding a job to a joblist

  1. To add a job, simply select the header line in your email and press Ctrl+Alt+J.

2. Then, a job dialog window will appear:

3. Select a customer, add a note and click “Save”.

4. Your job has been added to a joblist.

Editing, finishing and deleting jobs

  1. To edit an existing job, simple double click that job in the joblist. A dialog window will appear, see step 2.
  2. To mark a job as finished, click the “Mark as finished” option. Your job will be marked with a checkmark as finished.
  3. To delete a job from a joblist, simply select your job and press the Delete key on your keyboard or click the “Delete” button.

Please watch this video to see this feature in action:

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