Machine translation

Setting it up

Machine translation is very easy in Bohemicus. First, you need to set it up – enter your Google API key so that Google knows who to charge for the machine translation functionality (it is a paid service) or select the free alternative called MyMemory. If you don’t know how to obtain the Google API key, please read this article.

Enter the Google API key
…or use the free MyMemory alternative and enter you email so that you can increase your free translation quota

Also, select your source and target language:

Select your source and target languages

Using machine translation

And that’s it! You can now open your segment in virtually ANY CAT tool and just press Ctrl+Space. Bohemicus will retrieve your open segment, translate it behind the scenes, and re-insert the resulting translation back into your text.

Working with unrecognized target applications

Bohemicus is able to automatically recognise most offline major translation tools, e.g. SDL Studio, memoQ, DejaVu, Across, WordFast…. and translate the text seamlessly behind the scenes.

If your tool is not recognised, a warning will be displayed:

Bohemicus did not recognise your target application 🙁

Should this be the case, then simply select all text in your opened segment (usually the Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut, but it might be different for your particular CAT tool) and press Ctrl+Alt+Space to translate selected text only, i.e. all text in the segment, because you have selected all text.

Working with online CATs

You can also use Bohemicus with some online CAT tools. Just switch Bohemicus into the custom mode and select the keyboard combo your online tool uses to copy source text into the target segment:

Switch Bohemicus into the Custom mode when working with online CAT tools

Please read this article on how to work with online CAT tools in more detail.

You might also want to watch this video:

Machine translation with Bohemicus

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