Quick set-up

You should set up Bohemicus before you run it for the first time.

Set up the machine translation feature

First, please enter the Google API key for the machine translation feature. This key is needed for the machine translation feature to work, as Google needs this code so that they know who they should charge for the translation.

Enter your Google API key

If you don’t have this code, please read this chapter. In short: you need to create your Google Cloud account, sign in, create a new translation project, and finally get an API key.

Alternative: MyMemory

Alternatively, you can use the MyMemory service – it is free of charge up to 1000 words/day. If you wish to increase your quota, please enter your email address in the respective field:

Enter your email for the MyMemory service to receive the machine translation results free of charge

Set up your source and target languages

Next, please set up your source and target languages. Just select the corresponding language from the drop-down menus.

Speech-to-text (voice dictation)

Now, if you want to use the speech-to-text feature, you will need your Android phone or tablet. Speech-to-text feature works this way: you connect your Android device with your PC so that Bohemicus can take advantage of the Google speech-to-text engine in your phone/tablet and send converted speech to your PC.

Open the Google Play app and search for Bohemicus. Once you find it, tap to install this app.

Tap on Google Play Store
Find Bohemicus and install it into your Android device

Pair your Android device with Windows

Finally: you need to pair and connect your Android device with your PC. Please read this detailed article on how to do it through Bluetooth or this article for WiFi (Bluetooth is recommended).

In short: Turn on Bluetooth in your Android device and open the Bluetooth settings. Your device will scan your environment and offer any nearby devices. Click on your PC to pair it with Android.

Turn on Bluetooth
Tap your PC to pair it with your Android device
Confirm the Bluetooth pairing request in Windows

Launch Bohemicus both in Android and in Windows

Launch Bohemicus both in Android and in Windows. They should connect to each other almost immediately.

Android and Windows Bohemicus are now connected!

You are now ready to use Bohemicus to its full potential. Enjoy!

You might want to watch this video as well:

How to quickly set up Bohemicus and start translating

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