Help & Blogposts

Please find the help chapters and blogposts below. Everything you need to know about Bohemicus.

Quick set-up

Software activation

Connect an Android phone through Bluetooth

Connect an Android phone through WiFi

Troubleshooting Bluetooth

Speech-to-text (voice dictation)

How to get the Google API translation key

Machine Translation with Google/MyMemory

Working with online CAT tools


Hints on the screen

Inserting the current date

Local file transfer

Large files transfer with a download link

Non-breakable spaces

Taking notes

Online dictionaries

Offline local dictionaries

Quick pasting (clipboard manager)

Quotation marks

Text-editing features

Working with translation memories

Snipping tool

Converting metric and imperial units

Quick-open folders


File Extension Rename

Removing the AT & NMT marks in Trados Studio

Quick content preview of Trados packages and files

Keeping track of translation jobs

Changing the language code of your Trados translation memory

2 thoughts on “Help & Blogposts”

    1. I believe, you don’t have the correct DeepL API key. You need to get the Pro subscription from DeepL to be able to use the machine translation feature with Bohemicus. If you want to use the MT with Bohemicus free of charge, try the MyMemory machine translation option, which is free.

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